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In the group learning process, the development of knowledge is exponential. Inevitably, the number of different questions and approaches increases. We notice the diversity with which we respond differently to situations. It broadens our spectrum of understanding. It strengthens the confidence with which we approach this discipline. It gives us a comfort zone in a new situation, new friends and constant validation of practice.

Registration for the practice workshops is done after the completion of the first degree course. Reiki courses are the first step towards self-knowledge of the body, physical, mental and emotional functioning modules. Knowledge support is vital. The practice is through which the mind and body create their routine of strengthening and energetic support of the immune system.

integrate reiki meditation in your daily practice

Integrate Reiki in your meditation practice?

It’s good to know you already have it. It’s just a little atrophied, because it’s a muscle. Unused, it shrinks, stays dormant.

Just as we have physical muscles, we have mental and energetic muscles. They develop exponentially in this field through group practice where the accumulation of diverse experiences is discussed and integrated very intensely. 

Using Reiki in your daily meditation practice fortifies your results. It enlarges, subtilizes the energy field you can generate, thus, you enhance your results.


What can you choose from?

You are kindly welcome to any of these sessions after completing the first Reiki course.




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