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Course structure

We learn the art of discipline, the art of emotional, mental and energetic health. And we integrate all this by practicing the art of compassion. You can choose to participate in group courses or in individual courses.

Level I - shoden/ beginer

– I point out what is and what is not reiki, the demystification of the discipline being the basis on which we will build

– I present the Japanese historical and cultural background to understand the mental roots of this technique

– we learn the history of the family and the founder of the school, Mikao Usui

– we will understand the careful choice of reiki principles by Usui Sensei by studying the layers of wisdom behind them; at the same time it gives us an introspection into the Chinese / Japanese conceptual mind (NLP, neuro-linguistic programming began thousands of years ago.)

– to understand the working mechanisms of reiki practice we will study the basic anatomy, organs (their location), lymphatic, blood and endocrine system

– we learn the pillars of the reiki technique

– we demystify together – as we understand how it works – false concepts of energetic vampirism, negative energy contamination – false phenomena, related to reiki

– we put it into practice


Level II - OKUDEN/ advanced

– recapitulation of the subject of the previous course

– introduction to the origin of kanji

– introduce in the two concepts of creation, origins from Chinese philosophy

– explaining the morphology of the symbols

– what are not the symbols

– their use

– Reiju

– practice

Level iii - shinpiden/ asistent professor

– I facilitate the construction of the course on the basis of which you will start teaching

– we build together the customized methodology to facilitate individual sessions and groups

– revise the final subject

– present the built course

– teach methods of rejuvenation

– we practice

Level iv - shihan/ professor/ master

At the degree of shihan your knowledge of reiki will gradually increase.

After the decision we take in order to obtain the degree of shihan, we will create your school, with your values ​​that will be in accordance with the values ​​of the discipline, with the types of sessions, workshops, courses that suit your personality.

I support you in opening your reiki school with all that means.

1. Documentation to open a company, activation of caen codes, guidance of qualifications required to obtain authorizations.

2. Set together your image, the image of your virtual space.

3. I support you after opening with counseling in case of uncertainties in some sessions or courses, even if you do it in another locality than where I am, we can do this on skpe, even during the course you support it.

4. If you have difficulty building your website, or your company logo, or finding a knowledgeable person, I can offer you this service for a gentle fee.

Group course

 The courses are organized monthly on Friday, Saturday and the following Monday. The number of students is between 2-6 people. In this way all questions are answered. It takes place on Fridays between 17.00 and 20.00, with a  break and on Saturdays between 11.00 and 18.00, with a lunch  break and additional short breaks at request and Monday between 17.00 and 20.00.  For the reservation of the place, the participation fee will be paid. You will receive an email with a proforma invoice. Payment of the invoice will be made by bank transfer or cash deposit based on the invoice one week before the event. Payment in tranches is an option. 

Group course fees

Individual courses

Do you feel that you are not ready to ask your questions in front of others? Is it challenging to work in a group? The individual courses offer you comfort.

i shoden/beginer

600 ron

ii okuden/advanced

700 ron


900 ron

iv shihan/PROFESsOR/teacher

1200 ron




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