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how do we work?

Our health lies on several pillars. Each pillar needs attention. In the first evaluation session (2 hours) we analyze together the current situation you are in. Based on this, we decide the session module according to your needs.

We evaluate by going through these plans:

Reiki therapy, on the physical level, acts on the nervous, blood, lymphatic, hormonal and organ systems.


Mentally we work with two tools.

1. Reiki therapy stimulates the pituitary and pineal glands, strengthens the mental structure and the nervous system.

2. Counseling is the framework in which we analyze the current mental structure, thinking system and habits that led to the present situations.


Emotionally, we also work with two methods.

1. The reiki technique strongly stimulates the secretion of the adrenal glands, thus balancing the level of adrenaline and cortisol. Balanced secretion relaxes quickly creating a deep calm.

2. If desired, the reiki session shall be supplemented by a developmental counseling session. Do not confuse a counselor with a psychologist. The counselor deals with clients, the psychologist with clients and patients. A counselor has the obligation to propose psychological or psychiatric consultation to the cases where he considers. He is not allowed to accept clinical cases, unlike a psychologist. (ex: psychosis, schinophrenia)

spiritual development

Support in spiritual development involves the following.

1. Integration of new knowledge.

2. Expanding connections.

3. Elucidation of opinions.

4. Consolidation of developed knowledge.

5. Score development direction.

6. Validation of experiences.

7. Pointing toward evolved teachers in validated – Vedic, Buddhist, Christian spirituality – in case your question goes beyond my experience in one of those directions. They are all studied genuine sources. Have a wonderful journey beautiful seeker.

Private session types


Evaluation session – the first session / 120 minutes
Reiki session – 60 minutes.
Forming and development session – you develop personally and set your vision in sessions / 60 minutes.
Compound session – includes reiki session and counseling with an extended duration of 90 minutes.
Interspersed sessions – includes reiki sessions, and separate counseling sessions, interspersed weekly / biweekly – it is a good choise in case you choose a monthly subscription package.



Join virtually!


Online, we meet in counseling sessions lasting 60 minutes. Did you leave town? Do you want to continue the individual meetings? This virtual space is right for you. Not in Cluj-Napoca? Want to meet? See you online!




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